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About Us

Pharmacy 360

One-stop solution

Based in Leicester, Pharmacy 360 is one of the leading online pharmacies in the UK. Pharmacy 360 is a trusted name and its services extend to areas throughout the nation. We are a one stop solution for all your medical needs, whether it is booking an appointment from a specialist or collecting medicines from pharmacies for you. Pharmacy 360 is all you need for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Online Doctor Services

Our Online Doctor Services help you to consult our 24/7 available UK GMC doctors. These doctors provide treatment advice for various ailments and lifestyle disorders like hair loss, managing smoking addiction, contraception and impotence. It not only saves time for scheduling an appointment but also makes sure you don’t miss your work and get the right treatment in time.

Secure delivery at your doorstep

Busy lifestyle makes it difficult to handle many things at a time. This means it is even for hard to remember when your prescription medications get over. At Pharmacy 360, we offer a nationwide prescription service both for single and  repeat, NHS and private requests. A safe and carefully packaged medication will be delivered to you anywhere in the UK. Also, we offer free service for NHS throughout the country and deliver at competitive rates for private prescriptions.

With Pharmacy 360 at your service, you will never miss on an appointment with doctor or run out of medications. Focus on work and staying healthy while we take care of your therapeutic requirements and help you heal.