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Pharmacy360 complaints and comments procedure aims to:
• Provide the fullest possible opportunity for investigation and resolution 
• Ensure prompt response and quick resolution 
• Focus on making improvements in service delivery in response to suggestions, compliments and complaints 
• Ensure that patients are aware of how to make a suggestion or complaint or pass on a compliment
Roles and Responsibilities

All staff and pharmacists will be prepared to receive complaints and comments from patients and customers and to assist with investigating complaints.

Patient consent

A complaint may be made by a patient or any person who is affected by or likely to be affected by the action, omission or decision of Pharmacy360’s contractor.

A representative can make the complaint on behalf of a person in certain circumstances that will be fairly determined by Pharmacy360.

We must be sure, when discussing a patient’s treatment with a third party, that the person is authorised to speak on behalf of the patient, so that we do not breach confidentiality. Therefore, we will require evidence of the consent of the patient, unless circumstances are such that the patient cannot give consent. In the case of a child, the representative must be a parent, guardian or other adult person who has care of the child.

Timescale for resolving a complaint

Pharmacy360 will in normal circumstances investigate and respond to a complaint within 25 working days.

Receiving letters of complaint

These will be passed to Pharmacy360’s complaints manager. If the complainant is not the patient, Pharmacy360’s complaints manager will consider whether it is appropriate to require the consent of the patient in order to investigate the complaint.

Investigating a complaint

Pharmacy360’s complaints manager will oversee the investigation of a complaint. The complaints manager will make all necessary inquiries such as interviews with the complainant, pharmacists and members of staff. The complaints manager will keep notes of all these interviews using a complaint interview form

Resolving a complaint

Pharmacy360 will offer an apology, if appropriate and aim to give the complainant a full explanation. If appropriate the complainant will be invited to Pharmacy360 to discuss the complaint. Pharmacy360 will invite them to bring a relative, a friend or someone from the ICAS with them, if they want to.

At the end of the process Pharmacy360 will write to the complainant providing an explanation and offering an apology, if appropriate. This letter will advise the complainant that, if they are still not satisfied they can complain to the Healthcare Commission.

If a complainant cannot be satisfied, Pharmacy360 will try to identify why and try to find ways to resolve the complaint. If a resolution is not possible Pharmacy360 will advise the complainant in writing that they may seek assistance from the local ICAS or may make a complaint to the Healthcare Commission.

Complaints and discipline

The complaints procedure is about giving explanations and making improvements. If as a result of a complaint it is necessary to discipline a member of staff, the disciplinary procedure will be used.

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